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Unlock Musky Fishing Success with Slobland: Your Ultimate Guide to Lake Nipissing, Georgian Bay, and Beyond!

At Slobland, we understand that time on the water is crucial for musky fishing success. Our core group of anglers boasts an unmatched pedigree in the world of musky fishing, particularly in the pristine waters of Lake Nipissing, Georgian Bay, and their tributaries. Our combined knowledge and unwavering passion for these elusive beasts set us apart from the rest.

Explore Our Offerings:

  1. Georgian Bay : Whether you’re in the North or South, or anywhere in between, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced guides will lead you to the ultimate musky fishing adventure

  2. Lake Nipissing and the French River: Not a fan of fishing the Great Lakes? No problem! Consider a trip to Lake Nipissing and the French River, where your chances of catching a Great Lakes strain Whale are just as exciting.

Your Adventure Awaits!

Don’t wait any longer—reach out to Slobland now and book a trip of a lifetime. Let’s make your musky fishing dreams a reality!

Slobland Flicks Musky

The Team

Matt O'Brien Musky
Matt O'Brien

French River,  Lake Nipissing.


JP Bushey Musky
JP Bushey
Kyle Garon Musky
Kyle Garon

Lake Nipissing, Georgian Bay


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