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Kyle Garon

I was born in the muskieless area of western Canada, but thankfully at age 6 my parents decided to move the family back to southern Ontario where they had been born. As luck would have it both of my grandparents still held residence on the shores of Georgian Bay, where I soon found my passion for fishing. As a kid when your use to catching 4 pound bass and walleye, seeing a fish 10 times that size rip your prize in half boat side can be a kind of awaking. That’s exactly what it did to me, from that point on there was no turning back. I quickly recruited my good buddy Matt O'Brien and by age 15 we we're geared up and chasing these giants every chance we got. It didn't take long for us to ruin the rest of our lives when we boated a whale of a fish measuring 56.5"x26.5" and pushing the 50lb mark. That fish was in my dreams for many years and proved very tough to beat, taking me almost 15 years to top. 20 years have come and gone since the day Matt and I were turned into hunters, and in that time more than my fair share was spent on the water where I honed my skills the hard way, by trial and error, failure and eventfully success. Nothing makes you better at anything, than failure.



A few years later I decided to start videotaping my experiences. Slobland Flicks was born one night while I was playing around with my new Mac, what started out as a hobby has grown into a full blown passion alongside fishing. I truly love sharing my experiences with other die hard anglers and plan on doing so for many years to come. As the creator of Slobland I can guarantee this to you the viewer, we will always chase giants and nothing but, we will never be compromised, and we will always KEEP IT REAL!

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Matt O'Brien

Matt is an avid multi-species angler who has spent the better part of his life with a fishing rod in hand.  At a very young age Matt got a severe case of Musky Fever while spending many weeks during summer vacations Muskie fishing out of Georgian Bay.  Matt has a very keen eye for detail and prides himself on being a technology freak.  He owns and runs his own Tech firm based out of Toronto Canada that has a focus on Digital Signage Networks.


This Technology background allows Matt to also stay at the forefront in fishing technology.  Matt believes that in today's game if you’re not using your electronics to their fullest potential your missing the boat and the chance at catching way more muskies on any given trip.  Matt has been a part of the Slobland team since day one and is an essential part of the Slobland ProStaff team.


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Pete "The Legend" Stefanac

For nearly 25 yrs Peter has been on a musky mission!  Since his 1st encounter at a young age, his views on fishing were forever changed; a new passion was born, challenging a vast amount of lakes & rivers across northern Ontario.  Gaining knowledge & respect for the species every moment he is on the water.  Now chasing the musky w/ the Slobland Flicks crew has elevated the fun for the chase to another new level!!  Pete is guide on the Upper French River and Lake Nipissing.

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Andrew Hryciw



Andrew cut his teeth in the muskie industry on one of the hardest trophy muskie waters on the planet.  At a very young age he began testing his skill set and learning the ins and outs of this massive body of water.  Spending many hours on the water with the rest of the slobland crew Andrew is responsible for some of the biggest fish to come out of Georgian Bay every season including a 56 giant this past summer.


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Mike Ross


I caught my first Georgian Bay muskie in 1988 and was lucky enough to be in the boat with some true muskie fishing pioneers who gave me the opportunity to reel in a shitty small fish on 10” perch believer.  After that date I was pretty much hooked so to speak.  After developing friendships with the true pioneers of Georgian Bay muskie fishing (some who still fish to this day) and actually applying the concepts to fishing with success it became a passion and the ultimate challenge to pursue.  The passion and challenge has also led me to all of those other ponds where these fish reside.  Other than that I’m pretty useless!!!

I will see you at the HOUSE!!!


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JP Bushey



Like a lot of the guys, I grew up fishing Georgian Bay and learned pretty early on that muskie fishing was a whole other animal, as far as 'effort in vs. results out.' Even before I was a teenager, going out and catching lots of lake trout, smallmouth, pike or walleye wasn't real hard to do. I caught my first muskie  trolling home from one of our duck hides real late in the season, up around Franklin Island. The biggest bait I had at that time was the old F18 Rapala, in fluorescent orange and gold. After seeing what a forty inch fish could do to that lure (tied it into a knot, basically) I was instantly fascinated. I've been lucky enough to fish Georgian Bay, the Lower French River and Lake Nipissing for quite a few years now and never tire of the chase. I do a fair bit of speaking, writing and have gotten back into more multi-species, multi-season guiding. For me, nothing comes close to muskies. Whether one smacks a bucktail at my feet in July or folds over a trolling rod in late November, it's the biggest thrill out there. 


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